Studio Fondue

Movement is one of the most fundamental parts of life, and we wanted to create a studio that sticks to science and is aligned with our background in Physiotherapy.

Pilates is for strength and conditioning, but in a low impact/low ego kind of way. Mobility is for flexibility and down-regulating, but in a non-spiritual way. Physiotherapy is for rehab of injuries and prehab to prevent them, but in a practical and motivating way.

Most people are strong but inflexible or flexible but not strong, which both lead to imbalances, restrictions and eventually to injury. We want to get that balance right and build the kind of strength that is useful in everyday living. Being fit for the sake of being fit (or simply looking good) is not sustainable, or what we are about. We want people to see real benefits in their everyday lives.


Our Classes at Studio Fondue offer a diverse range of class styles, whether you’re a well seasoned fitness expert or you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, our classes offer an all inclusive approach with a range of classes for All Levels and additional classes for those who are used to more depth, creativity and sweat.

Functional Pilates

Level 1

Total Form Pilates

Level 2

HIIT Sculpt

Level 2+

Abs + Glutes

Level 2

Glutes + Legs

Level 2

Private Class


Our teachers come from near and far. We take great pride in our onboarding process to ensure all of our clients receive the upmost care and satisfaction with the services they are paying for.

When it comes to your body, its super important that you find trust in your teacher, someone to guide you through space, moving the body through all planes of motion in a safe and supportive way.

Our teachers are fully qualified, well seasoned in their training with years experience under the belt, those that have worked their way up the ladder, taught under some of the most well known master’s of Pilates and well nourished Pilates Studios abroad.

We welcome you to experience our teachers’ style, think of contemporary dynamic movements with each teacher adding their own flare.


Stay up to date with our current & upcoming Wellness Retreats at Studio Fondue. 

Our retreats are curated around the well-being and experience of every individual, whether you are just getting started with your fitness journey or you are well seasoned, our tailored retreats are intimate, personable and incorporate a mind, body experience that will elevate your current lifestyle to a healthier and more vibrant you.


We are constantly evolving and with that comes an evolution of events. We have lined up with some incredible brands and individuals to bring more to our community making our Studio offering even more exciting.

Want to be involved or in the know of what’s to come? Discover more with us by clicking below.

Membership & packages

We have spent time studying the market to ensure we provide our community an affordable option to move their bodies.

We have a range of options for memberships and pricing depending on your reason for visiting the studio.

Drop ins, Classes Passes, Affordable memberships are all available for your convenience and all options are non contractual so the ease to cancel at any time is available.

If your a visitor needing to sweat on your holiday away from home, a fly in fly out Pilates Guru OR an expat looking for a community and studio to call home, then your in the right place.


We have a range of products suited for travellers and those residing in Bali. Our carfully curated selection of items has your bodies and environment in mind. 

We have selected brands who’s ethos align with our vision for the studio space we have created, keeping in mind community, body and wellbeing.

Our array of products available for purchase are selected with the consumer and community in mind.