Pilates Trainer & Studio Manager

Moving from beautiful Byron Bay to embark on an adventure abroad, starting her work online. Loni fell into the role of working at Fondue and hasn’t looked back, aligning with the Studio’s vision and company’s ethos; it was a place where she instantly felt her expertise combined with these elements will succeed in connection & growth.

Loni’s expertise in progressive Pilates and pilates as a form of connection and movement is what she says is an imperative part of creating an overall general wellness that will carry you through your daily activities and sports with more ease, with fluidity but with great alignment to further benefit the longevity of life.

Through her own practice during past health combats and sports injuries, Loni has worked with many clients with long term chronic pain, injuries and auto-immune that has created a dysfunctional pattern in the client’s bodily movement. With her passion and belief every-body needs movement as part and parcel of living LIFE, she has applied her studies to her clients to achieve an outcome where clients can move their bodies in ease, freely and pain free.

In her classes, Loni moves the body in all planes of movement, connecting your body as a whole and being creative with her delivery of sequences to achieve an overall full body experience, adding her spicy multi-layering variations that will make your limbs quiver and body sweat. 

Meet Loni on the mat in all Pilates Modalities at Studio Fondue.

Tahlia Glasson

Pilates Trainer & Social Manager

Originally from Perth Western Australia, Tahlia blessed Bali with her presence and bubbly attitude in early 2023 leaving. Tahlia found her passion in Pilates whilst using it as her outlet from the busy corporate world she once worked in. Tahlia fell in love with the magic of Pilates and the impact it had on not only the body but the mindset. 

Dedicated to walk with her clients on their movement journey and help guide them towards an improved mental and physical wellbeing. Tahlia is known for connecting the power of breath with every rep, strongholds and creative flows, Tahlia adds the spice to any component of her class, whilst still ensuring your alignment is consistent.

Meet Tahlia on the mat in your next Functional or Total Form class.

Lindsay Morano

Pilates + Yoga Trainer

This sweet soul originated from New York and moved to Bondi Beach Australia for a new life, but Bali was calling for Lindsay and now we are so lucky to have her on our team. Lindsay fell in love with pilates and yoga as an escape from her finance and consulting job on Wall Street, truly finding movement as her medicine – and now she is passionate about helping others along their own personal health and wellness journeys.

Don’t let her sweet voice fool you, her wild hair and sass brings the heat into her class sequencing to make you feel every little muscle you thought you never had.

Viktoria Trip

Passive Mobility Trainer

In the constant pursuit of discovery, Viktoria has been a daily yoga practitioner for 17 years, and teacher for 5 years. A lifelong lover of education about the body, Viktoria has spent the last decade discovering and stroking her curiosity for all things yoga, movement & mobility.

Steeping in offerings and training from teachers such as Tara Judelle, Patrick Beach, Matthieu Boldon, Carlos Romero, Cameron & Melayne Shayne, Dharma Mittra etc. Viktoria gathers inspirations of many disciplines of yoga, movement practice and body work such as Thai Yoga Massage. This open minded thought process has taught her how to stay creative whilst continuously evolving her knowledge and offerings.

Viktoria strives to help her students gain awareness in their bodies, encouraging attention to the breath, to move them into a mind-body connection wh8ile increasing mobility and range of motion.

Viktorias classes have been shared by many in our community and the word we constantly hear in reference to her approach is to make your body ‘melt’.